How to Maintain / Lubricate your Bolt and Carrier Assembly on an AR-15 Rifle

An AR-15 rifle needs to be regularly cleaned and lubricated in order to achieve its optimum performance
and extend the life of its parts and components. In this article, we will help you identify these parts.

In general, the Bolt and Carrier Assembly (BCG) is the most critical part of an AR-15 that requires
periodic cleaning and lubrication. Some enthusiasts may consider upgrading from a Standard Phosphate
Bolt and Carrier Group to a FailZero M16 Bolt and Carrier Group with EXO Coating or a WMD Guns NiB-
X M16 Bolt and Carrier Group Nickel Boron to achieve ease and avoid frequent cleaning. Failzero and
WMD Guns are tested to run for thousands and thousands of rounds without cleaning. Some experts say
that these run for 20k rounds without the need of cleaning and lubrication.

When cleaning and lubricating your AR-15 Bolt and Carrier Assembly/Group (BCG), you will need the

  1. Solvent, such as, Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent Cleaner
  2. Oil, such as, Hoppe’s Boresnake Venom Oil with T3, 2 OZ
  3. Cleaning Patches, such as, Otis All Caliber Cleaning Patches

Let the cleaning begin! First step is to take out the Firing Pin Retaining Pin. Use a 5.56/.223 bullet tip to
push and remove the pin off from the carrier. Once removed, you can pull out the Firing Pin and Cam
Pin. Apply Solvent on all parts including Carrier and wipe off residue with Cleaning Patches. You may use
a Rag if preferred. Repeat this step until parts are clean. Some parts may require brushing in order to
remove carbon. Once cleaned, lubricate with Hoppe’s Boresnake Venom Oil with T3 including interior of
the Carrier. Lubricate sparingly. Reinstall and apply thin Oil around the outside Carrier. Whether you are
using a standard or enhanced BCG, a clean and well-oiled AR-15 Bolt and Carrier Assembly/Group BCG)
will always run and perform like a champ.

Be SAFE and have FUN!

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